Youth Services

Pinakarra Our Way Program

Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation is dedicated to preventing Aboriginal youth disengagement and criminal offending. It promotes better outcomes for Aboriginal youth in Broome who are demonstrating disengagement from the school system or anti-social behavior, through tailored case management, counselling and support services, literacy and numeracy services, and ongoing support.

The Pinakarra Our Way program is aimed at youth aged 15-25 years old, who are disengaged or at risk or need assistance to get back on track to employment, further training, or school.

We offer intensive one on one support, mentoring, and coaching which helps to identify key underlying issues and nurtures the individual through the process of learning, developing, and gaining the confidence to achieve their goals.
Pinakarra staff engages with other stakeholder groups such as families, the justice system, other service providers, schools, and the wider community as part of our holistic approach.

What is the program?

Participants can access the following services:

  • 10-week Jump Start program which aims to provide participants with life skills, confidence building, LLN support to either get an entry-level job or go onto further training at TAFE.
  • Intensive case management support is available to all participants who require specialised tailored support to set goals and go on to further training or into employment.

What we offer:

  • Culturally appropriate servicing including activities on country.
  • Case Management Support including individualised tailored servicing, one-to-one support, and goal setting, targeting key underlying issues.
  • We mentor and coach individuals, giving them the confidence to achieve their goals.
  • Ongoing support, we continue to provide clients and families with the support they need.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-confidence and empowerment
  • Flexibility in how the programs are run
  • Support to find a job and improve skills
  • Ten-week program structure
  • Learning Centre for literacy, numeracy, and ITC skills
  • Camps for a highly valuable experience to address many of the program objectives
  • Finding out about services available in the community
  • Unique intersection between government, education, services, and the local community
  • Strong local knowledge, family ties, and Aboriginal community ties
  • Small steps to make big changes
  • Tailored case management

Come and talk to us about how we can assist you or a family member.

Back to School Program

All children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential at school, regardless of their financial standing.

Nirrumbuk is committed to helping families afford the ever-increasing costs of primary and secondary education. We offer a Back-to-School program where eligible families can access financial assistance to help cover school costs, such as schoolbooks and uniform items.

The assistance available:

  • Uniforms – 2 sets per child
  • Stationary packs – up to $100.00 value per child

To be eligible to receive Back to School financial assistance:

  • You must be able to provide proof that you are the principal carer.
  • The child/children receiving support must be listed on the Centrelink concession card.
  • You must bring your child’s school booklist or uniform list to the appointment.
    For further information call and speak to a Pinakarra team member!

Learning Centre

The Nirrumbuk Learning Centre is a quiet, air-conditioned space with a range of suitable learning materials and activities, a small library, and IT equipment.

Assistance on offer based on an individual’s needs include the following:

  • to improve skill levels in reading, writing, listening, speaking & numeracy
  • improving computer, digital, and Information Technology skills
  • understand and complete assessment tasks for training units
  • budgeting & handling money
  • time management
  • driving licence theory practice and support activities
  • career or training options
  • seeking employment: resumes, forms, applications, interviews, skills, WHS
  • health and well-being support, information, and activities

The Nirrumbuk Learning Centre uses an online user-friendly Language, Learning and Numeracy (LLN) skills check: LLN Robot. Clients can complete the skills check at their own pace, enabling insight into current competency levels and identifying gaps in their knowledge and capacity.

The results are graphed indicating ratings equivalent to national standards for Vocational Education Training (VET) Certificates to Level III. The areas assessed are Learning; Reading; Writing; Oral Communications and Numeracy.

An LLN Skills Check can:

  • Assist in initiating a rapport with the client
  • Identify clients’ existing skills, including their confidence in using those skills
  • Establish basic needs, based on results indicating skill gaps
  • Determine levels of support needed
  • Provide clients with the opportunity to request assistance
  • Note clients at risk of struggling with essential life skills
  • Supply trainers/employers with LLN levels of clients
  • Improve retention rates due to early targeting of those needing support