Shurayne Bin Maarus

Born in Derby and raised at One Arm Point in the Dampier Peninsula
community, Shurayne is one of four children in the Maris family. Shurayne attended boarding schools in NT and WA where she was actively involved in extra curricular activities such as the Student Council. However, due to personal relationship matters at home, she was in and out of family care throughout her teenage years, which resulted in a disruptive educational experience.

Despite the circumstances, Shurayne made the most of her experiences and completed a Certificate II in Tourism, which gave her the skills to organise group tours at her family Hatchery in One Arm Point.

Shurayne was headhunted by Nirrumbuk to complete the traineeship with KES due to her active involvement in the community and networking abilities. Her current role involves greeting visitors, performing administrative duties, and handling queries from customers.

Nirrumbuk has provided Shurayne with the opportunity to meet new people, respond to challenging situations in the workplace, and establish a long term career goal to become a case worker in the community.

The struggle makes me want to do better. We have more opportunities than our parents had in their time. Resources are available for us to study and get qualified. I want to take control of my future and teach other young people in the community to do the same.