Mark Taylor

Mark moved to Broome with his mother and three siblings at the age of 12, due to difficult family circumstances in Derby. From the age of 13, Mark started working at the cash register in McDonalds, where he gained experience interacting with people and handling large sums of cash.

Despite his desire to stay in Broome, Mark’s mother sent him to a boarding school in Perth where he studied for four years before dropping out in Year 11 at the age of 17.

When asked to share why he didn’t enjoy his schooling, Mark explained:

I felt uncomfortable in the environment. I wasn’t enjoying myself. I didn’t have the flexibility to visit my friends and family when I wanted, so I came back home to be closer to them

Mark Taylor

Upon his return to Broome, Mark’s mother took him to Kimberley Employment Services. After spending only a few weeks in the job market, Mark was offered a full time traineeship with Nirrumbuk.

Nirrumbuk is supporting Mark’s career aspiration of becoming a Control Room Officer in the Mining Industry by providing him with the necessary training required to fulfil the role, such as Certificate III in Civil Construction.

Mark’s greatest achievement to date has been his approval for a home near Cable Beach, where he will be moving into in late 2018. Mark believes his employment with Nirrumbuk will allow him to lead a comfortable, independent lifestyle while also supporting his family.