Darrellene Xavier

Darrellene associates numerous locations with ‘home’, having lived in Beagle Bay among the Nyul Nyul people, Derby, and Kununurra while growing up. She is currently living in Broome with her husband and two children: Dustan, 3 years old and Dearne, 1 year old.

Darrellene received Certificate I and II in Business Administration when completing her schooling in Esperance. Working in the Jalmadanga community allowed her to put the administrative skills into practice, while doing book keeping and data entry.

Passionate about wanting to explore different career pathways, Darrellene went on to do a 12 month traineeship with Rio Tinto in Civil Construction, which required flying in and out for work in remote communities. After finding out she was pregnant, Darrellene stopped working for a year and settled down with her partner in Broome.

Darrellene got in contact with Main Roads through her grandmothers affiliation with the organisation. They advised her of the traineeship with Nirrumbuk and she eagerly applied for the role. She enjoys the flexibility of her part time arrangement, which allows her to spend time with her children while working towards her personal goal of purchasing a home. She also enjoys travelling to tropical locations and is planning to visit Hawaii as her first international destination.

I feel more responsible and committed as a person. I want to show my kids and family you can do anything if you put your mind to it. When my traineeship is finished with Nirrumbuk, I want to work as an Administrative Officer with Main Roads and do training and development with new employees

Darrellene Xavier