Azmen Sebastian

Azmen is Broome born and raised, however he has travelled around Australia to locations such as the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Tasmania and Perth.

Azmen’s greatest achievement is graduating from Broome Senior High School, where he enjoyed playing football with his friends. Eager to pursue his dream of becoming a football player, he moved to Perth and played for Claremont Football Team. Despite enjoying the experience, Azmen found it difficult to cope with the city lifestyle, and moved back to Broome to find fulltime work.

As an apprentice at Broome Electrical, Azmen is learning to connect wires to circuits, inspect electrical systems, diagnose malfunctioning systems and assemble electronic wiring. 

We worked on the Broome Airport project that required installing new lights. Every time I look at the airport I get satisfaction in knowing that I played a part.

Azmen Sebastian

As a result of this apprenticeship, Azmen’s attention to detail has improved, and he is learning to manage money on his own. Azmen is looking forward to saving up over the course of his apprenticeship, so he can open his own electrical air conditioning business in the future.