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Elders Forum

In 2021 Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation in partnership with the Honourable Rosetta Sahanna MLC, hosted the first Elders Forum in Broome.

To date the event has been very successful, at our most recent forum in October, we had 120 attendees including 80 elders, who are residents from Broome and Dampier Peninsula regions and up to a total of 40 staff, carers, key speakers, medical and aged care service providers.

The Elders Forum is an annual event to share information, give elders a safe space to talk, receive information about aging well and feeling included in the local community, as well as how to access services for support.

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Broome Community of Elders

On the 4th of August several Community Elders from Broome met at Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation and chose the name Broome Community of Elders to represent the values of the group.
“Broome Community Respects and Protects our Elders”.
“An elder typically refers to an older person, often respected for their wisdom and experience”.

Broome Community of Elders logo

Committee Objectives

  • To show that the Broome community respects and protects our elders.
  • To form a collective voice that is strong and represents all elders in the community.
  • To identify the elders in the community who are not engaged and encourage them to participate in social and volunteer activities.
  • To ensure elders are safe and feel valued.
  • To empower our elders.
  • To empower our kids by working with elders in the community.
  • To work with families and children through education.

Committee Strategies

  • Commit to setting up a stall at the Boulevard once a month encouraging elders to discuss issues and concerns. Provide feedback reports to the community.
  • Commit to twice-weekly street patrols between 9-11am identifying kids who are disengaged from the education system and talking to them about why they are not at school, where do they live etc. and refer the kids to YPAR.
  • Check-in and conduct house visits with vulnerable elders in the community.
  • Set up a Facebook page for the committee.

Elders Morning Tea