Delivering outcomes for Aboriginal people in the Kimberley for over 25 years

Nirrumbuk was established in 1993 to build a brighter future for individuals and communities in the Kimberley region. Managed and owned by Aboriginal members, our board consists of 11 indigenous people from Broome and the Dampier Peninsula. We strive to build capacity and foster self sufficiency with a key focus on health, housing, education and employment.

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Delivering outcomes for Aboriginal people in the Kimberley for over 25 years

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About Us

Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) is a Broome based community driven by aboriginal membership predominantly derived from the Dampier Peninsular Region, North of Broome. The organisation’s primary objectives are to build the capacity of the aboriginal community and individuals of the region. Established in 1993, NAC is registered as an Australian Public Benevolent Institution and not-for-profit organisation.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To end hardship, suffering, and helplessness in indigenous people within the Kimberley Region by building capacity and fostering self sufficiency.

Our Mission

For Service Members, Member Communities, and indigenous people within the Kimberley: we assist with cultural development, employment, training, sustainable environmental health, and social and economic opportunities. We aim to achieve self-sufficiency, self-management, and a better standard of living.

Our Values

We never lose sight of our traditional Aboriginal culture. We collaborate with individuals, communities, organisations, and the government to build a better future for Aboriginal people in the Kimberley. We are adaptable, and strive for sustainable growth to support Aboriginal communities in the long term.

Our Board

Nirrumbuk is managed and owned by Aboriginal members, with a board consisting of 11 Indigenous people from Broome and the Dampier Peninsula.  The CEO of Nirrumbuk is Joe Grande, who has over 20 years of experience working with indigenous organisations.

Joe Grande - CEO
Kevin George
Raymond Christophers
Louis Bin Maarus
Debbie Sibosado
Rosie Sahanna
Edward James
John Edgar
Ross Phillips
Wayne Barker
Shannon Sibosado
Glenys Sampi
Our Logo


NIRRUMBUK (Nyul Nyul Language) is the largest permanent fresh water spring on the Dampier Peninsular. Prior to settlement, the Aboriginal Nations of the region would sustain themselves from the spring for a permanent source of water and food.

The Nirrumbuk name was chosen to reflect the corporation’s membership and its objectives: to sustain our people in the modern context.  We provide the opportunity for development that enables participation in Australian society through training, employment, economic development, and infrastructure provision.

Success Stories

Nirrumbuk is immensely proud of the achievements of those who have utilised our programmes and services.  

You can read some of our success stories here >


Nirrumbuk has partnered with the Western Australian Department of Health to offer an Environmental Health Program.

We aim to educate the Kimberley’s communities about environmental health issues and promote sustainable environmental health practices.

 We build capacity and provide support with:

  • Dog health
  • Dust control
  • Pest and mosquito control
  • Waste management
  • Food safety
  • Infection control
  • Community re-entry
  • Community education
  • Monitoring & reporting of environmental health issues

Services are tailored to meet the requirements of each location through community environmental health action plans.

Nirrumbuk Tenancy Support

Nirrumbuk Environmental and Health Services, in partnership with the Department of Housing, delivers the Support and Tenancy Education Program (STEP) to the Kimberley region.

Through STEP, eligible tenants can receive education and case management to improve their living skills, independently manage their tenancies, and reduce the likelihood of homelessness.


Pinakarra Youth Counselling Service

Through our Aboriginal Counselling Service, Pinakarra, we assist youths with their issues and needs that they may be facing in today’s society.

At Pinakarra we believe small steps make big change. We work one on one with individuals from all backgrounds and develop a case management plan which works for them. We support and coach them through the steps needed to help them make positive changes for themselves and their families.

– Eric McCormick, Youth Services Consultant

We assist youths with:

Case management

With one-to-one support, we develop and implement individual case management plans that target key underlying issues and priorities. 

We mentor and coach the individuals, giving them the confidence to achieve their goals.

Ongoing support

We continue to provide clients and families with the support they need.

Djaringo – Registered Training Organisation RTO: 50292


Djaringo is a Registered Training Organisation which provides training and education opportunities in the Kimberley region to help individuals and communities build a better future.

As a division of Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, we are managed and owned by Aboriginal members with a board of 11 Indigenous people from Broome and the Dampier Peninsula.

We offer a range of nationally accredited courses for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Contact Details


34 Blackman St. Broome WA  |  PO Box 1678 Broome WA 6725

Phone: (08) 9193 7100


Contact us for further information and enrolments

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Employment Services

Nirrumbuk is passionate about supporting unemployed people in the Kimberley region.  We assist in finding long term employment, and provide career advice and support.

Apprenticeship opportunities:

We offer a number of trade apprenticeships to select young aboriginals for work with our businesses and partners

Indigenous Employment Program (IEP)

IEP helps young people who are seeking work or making the transition from school to work. We primarily work with those who have special learning needs or limited social skills.

We can provide mentoring and support with:

  • Writing resumes
  • Interview techniques
  • Developing skills
  • Finding a job
  • Accessing other employment services

Our aim is to build capacity and help youth to independently manage the responsibilities that come with long term employment.

Kimberley Employment Services (KES)

KES is managed and owned by Aboriginal members from Broome and the Dampier Peninsula.

We offer a range of support for jobseekers including:

  • Employment Advisors for guidance, support, and reverse marketing to prospective employers
  • Soft skills training and accredited courses;
  • Assistance with resumes, motivational coaching, interview skills
  • Use of the facilities in our Broome Office including phone, fax, computers, internet, email, and newspapers
  • Support and assistance for up 6 months after you start your job

Whether you are ready to move into work or you need extra skills and training, a KES Employment Advisor can assist you towards your chosen career path.


Our Businesses

Nirrumbuk provides mentoring and business incubator support for member communities that are establishing and/or have commenced a business. Incubator support includes services such as book keeping and accounting.

These businesses include:

Broome Electrical

Broome Electrical Services is a certified electrical company with licensed electricians servicing Broome and the Kimberley. We are a member of the Master Electricians of Australia (EC#009979).

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Kullarri Building

Kullarri Building is an indigenous building company located in Broome that specialises in the construction and refurbishment of housing and related infrastructure. It provides these services for both the indigenous and non-indigenous community, and has undertaken a number of commercial and residential projects including government housing projects.

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Nudj Plumbing

Nudj Plumbing provides plumbing services that will also deliver training and employment opportunities for indigenous people.  Nudj aims to differentiate itself from being considered “just another plumber” by having a clear vision to positively impact on Indigenous Australians through training, mentoring and personal development.